The Handles Gastropub was created by four long-time friends who enjoyed food, drink, and merriment, and wanted to consolidate those passions into one location. With a distinctly Northern Californian twist, the Gastropub offers a seasonal menu that showcases the best that locals farmers offer. Bay Area natives will find a familiar flavor in the dishes, and a casual comfort in the atmosphere; it’s a friendly place for locals and visitors alike.

Food isn’t their only specialty, however. The bar takes a similarly local approach towards its menu, as the Gastropub has been following and participating in the craft beer movement for quite a long time. Tap handles are dedicated to craft beers, focusing particularly on those from Northern California. Additionally, they have one of the largest wine on tap systems in the country, and a full selection of cocktails are available if beer and wine don’t hold too great an appeal.

Handles Gastropub
855 Main Street, Pleasanton Hotel
Pleasanton, CA 94566
Contact/Reservations: (925)399-6690

Website: http://www.handlesgastropub.com/


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