Groove Doctors Show at the Main Street Brewery

Groove Doctors

Time for a Snazzy Checkup with the Groove Doctors


Where: Pleasanton Main Street Brewery

When: Saturday, October 16th 2013

Time: 9:00p.m. to closing


The Groove Doctors are back in town with a remedy for what ails you, providing your ailment is a lack of music to move to! This 8-piece outfit of professionals has prescriptions to all kinds of musical medicine: Disco/Funk, Motown/Soul, Classic Rock, 80’s-90’s, Today’s Hits or Ballads & Standards/Jazz/Swing. Their performance treatment involves several courses of crowd interaction, so if you’re up front and center, you may be asked to give your medical opinion on several important topics! Here’s a list of the doctors and their medical tools:


  • Dave Belomy – Bandleader with his Bass
  • “Shallow” Hal Miller with his Keyboards and Lead Vocals
  • Jim “Jimio” Kalogrides with his Guitar
  • Tony Odello with his Drums
  • Tony Peebles with his Saxophone
  • Jane Myrenget doin’ Lead Vocals
  • Janeece Marmolejo also doin’ Lead Vocals
  • And Mike Rose with his Trumpet


Worried you might not be having fun come Saturday evening? Don’t worry. This doc-octet is professional and practiced. Check their site out for yourself and see:

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